Work with a small team on the design and development of innovative projects that are delightful to use and push the boundaries of what’s possible technically.


Actively working with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create future-facing responsive front-end and back-end applications, pages, and tooling. Preferred tools include Vim, Node.js, and Docker to ensure my local development environment mirrors production. Proficient with frameworks, but vanilla tastes better.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Node.js
  5. PHP
  6. C#
  7. Vim
  8. Git
  9. Docker
  10. Vagrant

Even with a primary career focus on development, I often flex the right side of my brain. Drawing on my background in web, print, and product design to ensure clear UX, engaging visual design, and accurate data visualization.

  1. SVG
  2. Photoshop
  3. Illustrator
  4. InDesign
  5. Sketch

Other skills include: Application Architecture, Web Components, Accessibility, SEO, ES2015+, Gulp, Grunt, Express.js, Electron.js, Angular, Polymer, Redux, Flux, jQuery, TDD, DDD, Tape, Mocha, Chai, Jasmine, Canvas, PostCSS, BEM, Sass, Less, OOCSS, Handlebars, Nunjucks, Pug, Razor, MySQL, SQL, ASP.NET, Bash, Zsh, JSON, YAML, XML, XSLT, Apache, IIS, tmux, macOS, Unix, and Windows (as needed).


Uber Senior Front-End Engineer / Aug 2017–current / Louisville, CO

  • Responsible for building maps data administration tools.

The Nerdery Principal Software Engineer / Dec 2012–Aug 2017 / Buffalo, NY

  • Full‑time remote employee.
  • Worked directly with clients on over 30 projects including product customization, content management systems, e‑commerce sites, data visualizations, admin interfaces, kiosks, and more.
  • Architected multiple high‑volume Node.js applications and APIs with full test coverage and a composable project structure.
  • Pioneered and advocated internal adoption of budding JavaScript, HTML, and CSS standards.
  • Responsible for creating internal front‑end boilerplate with a web‑based GUI and Yeoman generator API.
  • Officially and unoffically served as a mentor to lower‑level developers and peers.

Speak Creative Designer & Developer / Jun 2012–Dec 2012 / Buffalo, NY

  • Full‑time remote employee.
  • Worked directly with clients on the design of several websites and iOS applications.
  • Provided front‑end web development of designs and integrated them with the company’s in‑house content management system.
  • Implemented custom integrations with Facebook and YouTube.

Synacor Senior Developer / Feb 2010–Jun 2012 / Buffalo, NY

  • Instrumental in rearchitecting the front‑end of the company’s flagship TV Everywhere product while remaining compatible with their legacy in‑house PHP framework.
  • Evangelized the treatment and use of JavaScript as a first‑class citizen by demystifying prototypal inheritance, function scope, and event‑driven programming through presentations and one‑on‑one training.
  • Led a standards group to update and refine internal code and formatting standards.
  • Built a cross‑domain Ajax proxy and in‑page admin tool for editing and publishing data to a RESTful feed API.
  • Created a visual in‑browser IDE which enabled non‑technical personnel to configure, merge, and manipulate asynchronous data sources.

Wall Street on Demand Developer / 2009–2010 / Boulder, CO

  • Developed several jQuery plugins including a library for working with HTML5’s canvas element that provides chainable access to the native 2D‑context object’s methods and properties, several helper methods for common canvas tasks not natively supported, and extensibility via jQuery‑like plugin patterns.
  • Created a .NET controller to combine multiple images into one file using data URIs and MHTML, eliminating the overhead and inflexibilities inherent with sprites.
  • Played a key role in completing several client projects under tight deadlines by applying knowledge of CSS and JavaScript to resolve issues others could not.
  • Collaborated on the client and server‑side architecture of an internal .NET MVC framework for the rapid development of financial analysis and news reporting products and services.
  • Solely responsible for the design and development of an internal admin utility.

Freelance Designer & Developer / 2006–2009 / Geneseo, IL

  • Responsible for the design and initial development of eight websites including a multimedia download store.
  • Built a custom content management system to control the flow of an alternate‑reality treasure hunt, including clue‑based regular expressions to match a variety of valid user input, in less than two weeks to meet a stiff deadline.
  • Developed a means of manipulating URLs in ASP.NET 1.1 similar to the functionality of Apache’s mod_rewrite.
  • Programmed a 36KB object‑oriented PHP5 MVC framework.
  • Led a team of five designers in the layout of a 116‑page catalog.
  • Designed the cover for, and typeset, a 430‑page novel.

Book Publisher Designer & Developer / 2001–2006 / San Antonio, TX

  • Responsible for the design and initial development of three websites, as well as collaborated in their ongoing maintenance.
  • Played a key role in the redesign and overhaul of the company’s flagship website to improve the user experience and breach a scalability limit of 10,000 simultaneous users.
  • Collaborated on the design and layout of five annual catalogs.
  • Created and maintained the branding for multiple events.
  • Designed eight book covers, seven DVDs and boxed sets, and over twenty‑five CDs and boxed sets.
  • Designed an HTML email newsletter template and over seventy‑five of the newsletter’s graphical banners.